Los Angeles Police Department – Eponymous Record

I’m curious. Has Ryan Pollie had any feedback from the actual Los Angeles Police Department? A few years ago, Pitchfork reviewed their first disc and keenly noted the spate of indie bands obsessed with “un-googleable” names.

This 10 song followup will be likened to many leaves on the Beach Boys limb of the rock-n-roll family tree. It’s definitely not on the Beatles branch. Despite the fact that the singer is from Philadelphia, it is a classically southern California sound. At times, it feels like Washed Out (also not from SoCal). The difference with Mr. Pollie is that he’s more than willing to add more doses of rock opera and synth pop syncopation to his material. It’s a very solid if a bit overproduced sophomore release.

The record came out April 28th. It’s up on iTunes.

Author: Paolo Mizerna

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