Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne et al

Leonard Cohen, the solo performer, was revered as a writer more than a performer. This makes sense as his greatest hits were covered by others who gained success from his songwriting.

In the ’60s, Judy Collins covered his song, “Suzanne,” and it garnered attention for the fledgling Cohen. Much later, Collins’ was interviewed by Bill Moyers about this song. The reference point (for us) was a 1976 performance with Cohen. The problem is that–as talented as Collins is–nothing can compare to the raw invocation of his regret at giving the song away.

So. One of Cohen’s most iconic songs was “stolen” from him. Here is the best video of it and how he came to peace with it. Below is the best cover of a Cohen song. Ever. It’s not a debate. Do not email us.

Antony’s “If It Be Your Will”

Author: Troy Keiper

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