The Prodigy – No Tourists

How many bands from 1990, especially big beat electro rave ones, are capable of putting out a divisive record in 2018? The Prodigy’s latest “No Tourists” is a throwback driven release that critics cannot agree on: it’s either crap or their best music in two decades.

The biggest difference here is that the scene has changed. The Prodigy sit closer to recent synthwave/outrun artists Carpenter Brut and Kavinsky than any of their 90s contemporaries. The closest survivor musically might be Massive Attack but you couldn’t find two groups with more disparate messages.

Dark parties had no equivalent of The Prodigy’s “The Fat of the Land” when it appeared in 1997. Twenty-one years later, nothing has changed. Just don’t let on that this record is 100% fun.

Author: Paolo Mizerna

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